• "The key to excellence is this: It is born from a culture. When children enter a family culture, a community culture or a school culture that demands and supports excellence, they work to fit into that culture. A culture of excellence transcends race, class and geography; it doesn't matter what color, income or background the children come from. Once those children enter a culture with a powerful ethic, that ethic becomes their norm. It's what they know." ~ Ron Berger

    About Pauline Agassiz Shaw:

    Pauline Agassiz Shaw (1841-1917) is credited for institutionalizing Kindergartens in Boston. She founded the first American Trade School, The North Bennet Street School, which was geared towards providing an education and trainings for immigrant famiies. As her five children grew up and moved through the education system, Mrs. Shaw became even more invested in a quality education. She deeply believed that it was important for schools to provide students with a well-rounded education: "The whole boy should be sent to school and not part of him; it is not enough to train the intellect alone...but the eye and the hand are together the most trustworthy leaders of the brain; the eye must no longer say to the hand 'we have no need of thee.'

    School History:

    The Pauline Agassiz Shaw Elementary School, a Boston Public School, closed in 2010. For the next four years, the school was transformed into Boston Adult Technical Academy, an alternative high school for 19-22 year olds. In the Spring of 2014, Boston Public Schools responded to the needs of the Community and the desire to have more Early Childhood seats in the neighborhood. As part of the Grow With Boston initiative, the Pauline Agassiz Shaw Elementary school was reopened in the Fall of 2014. For School Year 2014-2015, the P.A. Shaw opened 6 classrooms: 1 K0-K1 Sub-Separate Class, 2 K1 General Education Classes, and 3 K2 Classes. Each year, the P.A. Shaw school will expand by one grade level. For school year 2015-2016, the P.A. Shaw will continue to grow by adding 3 First Grade classrooms. 

Shaw Portrait