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  • Boston School Committee Statement 10-23-2020

    Alexandra Oliver-Davila, Vice Chair

    "On behalf of my fellow members, I must express our shock and disappointment at the words of our former Chair, Mr. Michael Loconto, at our most recent meeting. As we all strive to be anti-racist in our words and our actions, we thank Mr. Loconto for his actions in leading the Committee to a historic vote Wednesday evening to increase equity of opportunity for so many of Boston’s youth.  His dedication and work on this matter over the past few months were commendable, which made his words that evening stunning and even more hurtful, as surprising to his fellow members as it was to the public-at-large.  Emotions were high that evening and the focus was on the topic at hand, the pending vote. As the body charged with overseeing education policy for our district, we know that words matter.  As such, we agree that his resignation was an appropriate course of action in response to his comments that evening. We regret and apologize to the community for not speaking up in the moment and will address this at our next meeting.

    As per our by-laws, the Committee will take action at our next meeting, on Wednesday, November 4, to fill the position of Chair.  Our goal is that we can see this as a moment to band together, continue the work to root out racism in our schools and city, and recommit ourselves to having the hard conversations needed to always hold each other accountable for our words and our actions, knowing we must always emulate the practices we expect from others."



    Update: The Citizens Nominating Panel is now accepting applications for a four-year term on the Boston School Committee. The term currently held by Michael O'Neill will expire in January 2021. Applications must be received by 11:59 pm on Monday, November 16, 2020. Download the application here. Please direct all questions and submit completed applications to:


    The Boston School Committee is the governing body of the Boston Public Schools. The School Committee is responsible for:

    • Defining the vision, mission and goals of the Boston Public Schools;
    • Establishing and monitoring the annual operating budget;
    • Hiring, managing and evaluating the Superintendent; and
    • Setting and reviewing district policies and practices to support student achievement.  


    Next Remote Meeting:

    Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 5 p.m.



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