• Parent Participation:  The Baldwin School/Parent Compact

    Parent participation in the education of their children is key to children's success in school. We encourage every family to participate in the ways that work best for them.

    Parent Reading: Read Boston Take Home Book Program

    The Baldwin has a home reading program for students. Engaging books are available for children to check out each day. The program provides young children the opportunity to spend quality time reading at home with a family member.  Making this a regular daily practice is a vital way for parents to promote their child's love of reading and to build upon the language acquisition skills necessary for reading development. Just twenty minutes a day can have a powerful impact on your child's learning.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Parents are expected to participate in Parent/Teacher conferences at least twice a year during morning or evening time slots designated by the school. Parents or teachers may request conferences at other times as needed.

    Parent/Teacher conferences provide an opportunity to share information with you about your child's growth and development. The school can respond to your questions and concerns and offer suggestions for extending your child’s learning into the home. It is important that you let us know about any stresses in your child’s or your family’s life. This enables us to be more responsive to your child’s needs.

    We appreciate your role in your child's growth and development. We encourage you to interact with your child's teachers on a daily basis. Please call if you have any questions or concerns, and we will discuss them by phone or schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference.

    Parent Volunteers

    Planned field trips and short excursions into the immediate neighborhood are a valuable learning experience for your child. Notification and permission slips will be sent home for planned field trips.

    Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for parent involvement. Any chaperoning assistance you can provide is welcome. We depend on your support and involvement to enrich your child’s program.

    Parents are also welcome in the classroom to share their skills, professions, and cultures. We encourage you to be a part of your child’s classroom. 


    Baldwin Room Parents

    The Baldwin Room Parent group is comprised of parents from each classroom and is a forum for parents to voice their ideas, opinions, and concerns. Although only a core group of parents officially commits to serve as room parents, the monthly meetings are open to all parents, and all parents’ opinions carry equal weight. At the discretion of the Room Parent group, teachers, administrators or other groups may attend meetings to provide information and to solicit input on resources, policies, curriculum, etc.

    The primary responsibility of room parents is to act as liaisons between the classroom, the parents, and the principal. They also represent the voice of their classroom to the Room Parent group. Room parents may help with special events, with notification of parents in the case of emergency school closings, and with obtaining chaperones for class field trips.  The function of the Room Parent group is to represent the best interests of all parents with children in the school. Room Parents must report to the larger parent body.

    Parent Coordinator 

    The parent coordinator plays a key role in creating a supportive relationship between the Baldwin staff, students, and students’ families. S/he maintains close contact with room parents and coordinates and develops the educational program for all School Parent Council meetings. 

    Governing Board

    The Baldwin Governing Board is comprised of parents, teachers, administrative staff and community members.  It is responsible for guiding the overall direction of the school.  Members serve 2-year terms and are chosen following procedures set by the Governing Board by-laws. The board has two co-chairs, a secretary and a treasurer.  These officers constitute the Executive Committee.  The principal and one board member serve as co-chairs.  A personnel subcommittee oversees the hiring process.  All board meetings are open to the community and agendas and minutes are posted.