Boston Latin School 

  • Boston Latin School 

    1669   Cotton Mather, Minister
    1714Benjamin Franklin, Inventor; Signer, Declaration of Independence; Minister to France (non-graduate)
    1729Samuel Adams, Signer, Declaration of Independence; Governor of Massachusetts
    1745John Hancock, Signer, Declaration of Independence; President, Continental Congress
    1770Charles Bulfinch, Architect, Boston State House, Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
    1805Edward Everett, President, Harvard University; Governor of Massachusetts
    1817Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher and Poet
    1822Francis Gardner, Author; Headmaster, Latin School
    1827Wendell Phillips, Orator and Anti-Slavery Leader
    1835Edward Everett Hale, Minister of South Congregational Church
    1849Charles William Eliot, Educator; President of Harvard University
    1851Phillips Brooks, Orator, Episcopal Bishop of Boston
    1851Henry Lee Higginson, Banker, "Boston's First Citizen"
    1857Edward Charles Pickering, Astronomer
    1880John F. Fitzgerald, Mayor of Boston
    1882George Santayana, Philosopher
    1907Howard Lindsey, Famous Playwright
    1908Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to England; Father of President John F. Kennedy
    1917Roy E. Larsen, Publisher/Benefactor
    1918Paul A. Dever, Governor of Massachusetts
    1922Elliot Norton, Drama Critic
    1926Ralph B. Rodgers, Former Chairman of the Board, Texas Instruments
    1927Cardinal John Wright, Prefect of Clergy of the Roman Curia (highest curial office held by an American up to that time)
    1928Dr. Paul Zoll, Cardiologist who introduced the pacemaker
    1931Vincent Learson, Former Chairman of the Board, Internal Business Machine Co.
    1932Theodore H. White, Writer and Author
    1935Leonard Bernstein, Composer, Conductor, Musician
    1937Wade McGee, Jr., Prominent Jurist
    1937Brig. General Robert McDermott, Dean of Air Force Academy; Chairman Emeritus, USAA Ins.
    1939Raymond D. Nasher, Patron of the Arts
    1940Sumner M. Redstone, Entertainment Industry Exec.
    1942Thomas L. Phillips, Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Raytheon Corp.
    1943Rev. John E. Brooks, President, College of the Holy Cross
    1943Aaron Fuerstein, President, Malden Mills Industries
    1943Clifton R. Wharton, Jr., Deputy Secretary of State; President of Michigan State University; Chairman & CEO of TIAA-Cref
    1955Marshall S. Cogan, Chairman, Knoll International Holdings, Inc.
    1957Most Reverend William Murphy, Vicar General and Moderator Curia, Archdiocese of Boston
    1959Thomas Ryan, Jr., President, American Stock Exchange
    1960Charles I. Clough, Jr., Chief Investment Strategist, Merrill Lynch
    1967Thomas Finneran, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
    1975  Stephen Murphy, Boston City Council

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