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    Our Vision


    At the Greenwood School, our culture of achievement is grounded in the belief, shared by all the adults and over time by students and families, that all students can do high-level academic work. With support and working together, we can and will cultivate our students' identities and genius by making improvements toward their academic outcomes.  Not only do we believe that all students can succeed, but we also have self-efficacy and confidence that we can help them achieve at high levels. We understand that even if students have skill deficiencies, our goal is about high academic achievement, not simply remediation.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is driven by our workaround biliteracy, and high academic achievement for all students, and our intentional efforts to develop the sociocultural competency of our students.


    Our Core Values



    We respect ourselves, others, and the community.



    We take responsibility for our learning and help others.



    Together, we are the Sarah Greenwood community.