Family Survey on Virtual School

  • Boston Public Schools is exploring the possibility of launching a fully virtual school for SY21-22. A virtual school is a school that exists fully online. Attending a virtual school is similar to attending a school in a physical building in many ways: students have a homeroom, classmates, BPS teachers, a principal, and rigorous instruction. Instead of going to a school building, students at the virtual school learn remotely, from their homes, using a computer and the internet. Students will receive a computer and internet, if needed, in order to engage with their lessons, projects, peers, and teachers. There may be some opportunities for in-person engagement with classmates, either for special occasions, specific projects, or extracurricular activities.

    This survey asks families to share their interest in a fully virtual school option to understand demand for planning purposes. Any virtual school option would need to be approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This survey does not guarantee the option of a virtual school and will have no effect on the current school your child attends.

    Please click on a survey:

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