• All Surveys Are Closed


    The Boston Public Schools surveys students, teachers and families in order to support success inside and outside of the classroom.  The climate, culture and feedback surveys support the district strategic goals of eliminating opportunity gaps and accelerating learning.  The surveys:


    • provide teachers, administrators, students, parents, the district, and the community with information regarding climate, culture, engagement, and student learning and
    • are utilized to assess criteria for inclusion as a Family Friendly School
    • are included in measures to calculate school scores for the School Quality Framework and assignment tiers for the Home-based Student Assignment System


    A robust survey system includes surveys that provide information on the classroom, school, and district levels and is responsive to needs at each of these levels. 


    • At the classroom level, the student feedback survey provides teachers with data on student’s perceptions of instruction and classroom climate, so that teachers may create formative goals to better meet the learning needs of their students.
    • At the school level, the surveys provide school leaders and leadership teams with data to help them measure school success in regards to school and district goals; assess engagement and the creation of a safe and welcoming environment; and work with teachers to develop strategies that attend to priority areas.
    • At the district level, the surveys provide district leaders with information that allows them to determine if the system, individual schools, and central departments are making progress regarding the district’s long term strategic goals.  Information is needed to assess the effectiveness of specific initiatives being implemented to achieve those goals, to implement effective practices, and to eliminate practices that are unsuccessful.  Quality information allows comparisons across programs, schools, and classrooms to be data-driven and equitable.


    All surveys are currently closed. BPS administers the annual Student, Family and Teacher Surveys every spring through Panorama. Communications are sent centrally via phone call, email, and text message. TheTo view past results click here

    Please email surveys@bostonpublicschools.org if you have any questions.