Early College

  • -  Through the early college program, high school students will take FREE credit-bearing college courses that will be listed on the high school transcript.

    -  If students complete all the courses during the program (school year and summer), they may graduate from high school with their first year of college completed.

    -  Students in the BCLA-McCormack Early College program enter into an Education Pathway, where they are able to work towards a career in education or transfer credits to another major/career.

    -  Students begin taking courses at the BCLA-McCormack site in 10th grade and take additional courses at the UMass campus in the following years of high school.

  • What is Early College

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    A college preparatory program aimed at helping students gain college credit and experience college before they graduate from high school

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  • What are the benefits

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    -  Earn real college credit at no-cost

    -  Build familiarity with college professors and their expectations

    -  Understand time management

    -  Experience campus life

    -  Make new friends

    -  Save money on college

    -  Create a direct college path

    -  Offers different professional pathways for students to consider

    -  Build good study habits


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  • Student Support

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    Academic: Program Orientation, Peer-Tutoring, Study Skills Workshops

    College Knowledge: Explore Majors through Advising, Career Exploration, Social life on-campus

    Social: Connect to Peer-Mentors, Visits to Campus

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