• Green New Deal


    We are committed to changing the way we manage and plan for BPS facilities and developing a long-term facilities action plan by the end of 2023. Here’s how we’ll get there:

    • We’re using the Racial Equity Planning Tool (REPT), created by BPS in 2017 to analyze how District policies and proposals impact students and communities with the greatest needs. The REPT requires authentic and ongoing engagement of BPS’ diverse stakeholders to empower all members of our school communities.
    • We completed a Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA), a large, detailed dataset of building conditions and set of recommendations for repair, replacement, and renovation. The FCA is integrated into BPS’ Asset Essentials management system, which tracks all work orders and capital projects, to maintain real-time data on the state of our buildings, offer more transparency for community members, and inform future decisions around capital investment priorities. The FCA data is shared in a dynamic dashboard, which will be updated regularly as BPS invests in building repairs and maintenance.
    • We contracted with DLR Group, Inc., Jonathan Levi Architects, and St. Fleur Communications to complete a School Design Study, a set of programming and design recommendations for PreK-6 and 7-12 schools to guide future renovations and construction, based on authentic engagement with Boston community members. These design standards will reduce the time and expenses required for future school construction and renovation projects, accelerating progress toward our district-wide facilities goals.


    Learn more about the development of our long-term facilities action plan and ways to get involved at boston.gov/gnd-bps

    Please email us at capitalplanning@bostonpublicschools.org with any questions or feedback.