Remote Learning and Family Supports

  • E-Learning Tool Support and Training

    • Individual support and small groups for students with low participation during the building closure and families new to BPS
    • Webinars and videos for families
    • Offering in 8 languages besides English

    Ongoing Parent Workshops and Learning Sessions

    • Offerings based on parent and school feedback
    • Continued offerings with Parent University, based on parent feedback

    Access to Partner Programming

    • Working with our BPS Partners on remote, and potentially in-person, programs
    • Meeting with faith-based partners to determine willingness and capacity to house programs

    School-Based Outreach and Support Efforts

    • 43 schools with a family liaison that has been trained during the summer
    • Teacher training in conducting home visits - virtual and community-based
    • Guidance and recommendations for schools based on best practices

Remote Learning Improvements

  • Clarity: Create a more robust, cohesive infrastructure for equitable recovery in remote teaching and learning. 

    • DESE guidance: this is school, not emergency remote learning 
    • Regular school day
    • Services for ELs, ELSWD, SWD
    • Learning Management System
    • Aspen for Scheduling and Attendance 
    • Panorama for Student Success
    • Adaptive Learning Platforms
    • Materials for At-Home Learning
    • Two-way Multilingual Family Communication
    • Transformative SEL practices daily in all classrooms
    • Virtual Home Visits & Conferences
    • Reframed Professional Learning to Support Remote Instruction

    Support: Opportunities for all stakeholders to be supported in the implementation of equitable remote instruction. 

    • At-Home Learning Kits
    • Ongoing Professional Learning
    • Returning Boston Strong: Educator Summit
    • LINCSpring
    • School year launch training
    • Multilingual, small group synchronous and asynchronous
      family support/workshops
    • Digitized curriculum, prioritized standards
    • Virtual Coaching and Walkthroughs
    • Revised pacing, scope & sequence with aligned assessments
    • Project-based learning supports

    Accountability: Processes and methods for multiple levels of qualitative and quantitative feedback loops, ensuring equitable recovery.

    • Equity Roundtables (bi-weekly)
    • Continuous, quick cycles of improvement based on data
    • Data Dashboards, school, region, district level
    • Aspen -  attendance
    • Panorama - student success
    • Illuminate - assessment
    • Virtual Walkthroughs
    • School-level adherence to guardrails
    • English Learners - ESL course level attendance in Aspen
    • Grading, Report Cards, and Progress Reports