Educational Options

  • Boston Public Schools offers a variety of education programs for middle school and high school students who are not succeeding in a regular school setting. These programs offer intensive support services and different approaches to learning. Not every student who requests an alternative program will be placed in a program, but all students will receive extra support.


    Some of the Educational Options programs are

    • BPS Re-engagement Center (REC) – provides ongoing support to disengaged students and assists students who have dropped out of high school to re-enroll and continue their education.

    • Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA) – serves students ages 19–22 who are considered over-age for their grade. Some of these students are English language learners.

    • Newcomers Academy – serves students who are English language learners with interrupted formal education and need specific tailored services that provide academic literacy and English language skills.

    • Charlestown Diploma Plusserves students from all BPS high schools, who have not succeeded In regular high school programs.

    • Community Academy (grades 9-12) – enrolls students who need a structured, positive small learning community with a focus on behavior and positive involvement in schools. 

    • Dropout Prevention and General Educational Development (GED). Students and/or their families may choose these programs if they have had a negative school experience or if they want to take a different path toward a high school diploma. 

    BPS offers additional programs in partnership with community based organizations

    • Ostiguy High School is a regional high school serving Boston and surrounding cities. Ostiguy serves students who are in need of structured setting and coping with recovery.

    • EDCO High School serves students who are under-credited and over age and are looking for intense academic support in small learning community.

    • ABCD University High School is a downtown setting serving all types of students using non traditional and blended learning. The school provides year-round programming .

    • College Bound Middle School works with middle school students in a small therapeutic setting in Dorchester.

    • St. Mary’s School is a program for expectant and parenting students that provides intense social emotional support and uses a blended learning approach.

    • LogOn Academies. LogOn Freedom House Academy serves students in the Dorchester, Uphams Corner area, exposing them to non-traditional learning and post secondary pathways. LogOn Hyde Park serves over-aged or under-credited students in grades 9-11, using blended learning. 

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