Congrats Class of 2021!

  • Considering the past year our students have endured, it is incredibly important to host safe in-person graduation ceremonies this June. The primary characteristic of any commencement should be joy; the joy of sharing your educational accomplishments with peers, friends and family. Through various partnerships with outdoor venues including the ICA and Fenway Park, we are happy to bring some joy back to the lives of our students through more traditional graduations, while observing all safety protocols to ensure the health of our families.

    - BPS Superintendent Brenda Cassellius

2021 BPS Graduation Schedule

School Date Time Location
William E. Carter School 6/4 11:00 AM Virtual
Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion Upper School 6/6 4:15 PM Fenway
Boston Latin Academy 6/6 8:00 PM Fenway
Quincy Upper 6/8 8:45 AM Fenway
Excel High School 6/8 12:30 PM Fenway
TechBoston Academy 6/9 12:30 PM Fenway
McKinley 6/9 6:30 PM White Stadium
Another Course to College 6/10 8:45 AM Fenway
Snowden International High School 6/10 12:30 PM Fenway
Margarita Muñiz Academy 6/10 3:00 PM Loring Greenough House
Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers 6/10 11:00 AM White Stadium
Community Academy of Science & Health 6/10 2:00 PM White Stadium
Mary Lyon Pilot High School 6/10 5:00 PM White Stadium
EDCO 6/10 6:00 PM Reel House, Quincy
Community Academy 6/11 5:00 PM ABCD Thelma Burns Building
East Boston High School 6/11 11:00 AM East Boston Stadium
English High School 6/11 12:00 PM Fenway
Greater Egleston High School 6/11 2:00 PM ICA
Madison Park Technical Vocational High School 6/11 6:00 PM Madison Park TVHS Football Field
Dearborn STEM Academy 6/11 10:00 AM White Stadium
New Mission High School 6/11 2:30 PM White Stadium
Boston Community Leadership Academy 6/11 5:00 PM White Stadium
Jeremiah E. Burke High School 6/11 7:30 PM White Stadium
Boston Green Academy 6/12 9:00 AM Fenway
Boston International High School 6/12 11:00 AM White Stadium
Fenway High School 6/14 12:00 PM Fenway
O'Bryant School of Math and Science 6/15 12:00 PM Fenway
Boston Latin School 6/15 4:00 PM Fenway
Brighton High School 6/15 8:00 PM Fenway
Boston Collaborative High School 6/16 10:00 AM ABCD Thelma Burns Building
Boston Day and Evening Academy 6/16 3:00 PM BDEA
William J. Ostiguy High School 6/17 11:00 AM ABCD Thelma Burns Building
Boston Adult Technical Academy 6/17 12:00 PM Madison Park TVHS Football Field
Boston Arts Academy 6/17 4:00 PM Fenway
Boston Central Adult High School 6/17 5:30 PM Madison Park Complex outside
ABCD University High School 6/18 11:00 AM ABCD Thelma Burns Building
Charlestown High School 6/21 11:00 AM Charlestown High School
Horace Mann 6/11 10:30 AM Horace Mann Auditorium