Social Emotional Learning and Wellness

  • Our vision is for healthy and supportive schools to prepare all students to learn and thrive


    Using a Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community Approach 

    The Office of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness plays a critical role in supporting schools in the implementation of the BPS Wellness Policy, a Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community Approach, which is a national model to link learning and health. As a district, our mission is to actively promote the health and wellness of all students to support both their healthy development and readiness to learn. Through the BPS Wellness Policy, schools have a framework for how to create an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice, and all students are educated to make that choice. Using data to inform the development of the Wellness Action Plan schools can address the most important health needs for their students and staff. The Wellness Action Plan then links to the school’s overall plans for academics by being integrated into the Quality School Plan. The departments in the SELWELL Office are committed to supporting schools in their efforts to implement these plans by providing them with Multi-tiered Systems of Supports.

    The Office of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness (SELWELL) is comprised of the following departments:

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  • Amalio Nieves, Ed.D

    Assistant Superintendent



    Porsche Paulding 

    Project Manager, SELWell



    Jill Carter, EdM, MA

    Senior Executive Director, Health & Wellness, SELWell Operations




    Khita Pottinger-Johnson, MSW

    Executive Director, SEL Instruction & Support Services 




    Kim Connolly

    Assistant Director, SELWell Operations

    617-635-6643 x41250


    Avery Esdaile

    Senior Director, Athletics



    Andria Amador

    Senior Director, Behavioral Health Services 


    Carla Burley 

    Director, SEL 



    Mary Jane O'Brien

    (Interim) Senior Director, Health Services




    Jodie Elgee

    Senior Director, Succeed Boston



    Brian Marques 

    Director, Opportunity Youth Department  



    Catherine Chiu 

    Director, Guidance