• SchoolMessenger

    Never miss a message from your child's school!


    Did you know that SchoolMessenger, the system that is used by all BPS schools to send calls & emails, has a parent portal? You can use the portal to set your communication preferences, read through past messages, and even listen to voicemails sent by BPS. Creating an account is fast, easy, and free!

To Get Started:

  • 1. Visit the InfoCenter website (https://go.schoolmessenger.com) or download the app below.
    2. Click the Sign-Up button and enter your email address that is on file with your child's school.
    3. Choose a password and click "Create a new account" 
    That's it! You can now manage your contact preferences and read/listen to past messages directly from this app.
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  • Troubleshooting tips

    If you are not receiving messages from your child's school, here are a few things that might be causing the problem;

    1. Is your contact information accurate with your child's school? (most common)

    The first thing to check is what phone number & email address your child's school has on file. You can do this yourself by logging into Aspen (sis.mybps.org) or SchoolMessenger (go.schoolmessenger.com) and checking what information is listed. Aspen requires a verification code from your child's school for security reasons, but you can login to SchoolMessenger by creating an account with your email address. If the email address matches what is on file with your child's school, you'll see all of your past messages immediately. You can also click the Preferences menu to see your phone number and email address on file. If this information is not correct, contact your child's school to let them know of your correct phone number & email address.

    2. Have you opted-out of messaging?

    Sometimes a parent might opt-out of text messages without realizing that you're opting out of all messages from BPS. To opt back into text messages, just text the word YES to 67587

    3. Are you listed as the parent/guardian of your student?

    BPS automatically notifies contacts listed as a parent or guardian of a student. We keep records of other contacts in case of an emergency, but only parents/guardians receive regular calls, emails, and text messages.

    4. Are you receiving messages for one student but not the other?

    In rare circumstances, you may be listed as the parent/guardian for only one of your students. When this happens, you can call our Welcome Center at 617-635-9010 and we can merge your contact records so that you see all of your students under the same account. This also helps with future updates so that one school can update your phone/email address and it will update your contact info across all systems!

    5. Are permission/consent forms only going to one parent?

    There are some systems that only allow one parent/guardian to respond at a time. For example, our system that collects permission for field trips and COVID testing (PermissionClick) only allows one parent to reply. This is to prevent conflicting replies from different parents. SchoolMessenger (the system that sends calls/texts/emails) will send messages to all parents/guardians on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

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