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    The Boston Public Schools (BPS) has made high quality instruction for English Learners (ELs) a top priority and provides various instructional programs and services to help students learn academic English as they learn content in all subject areas. Boston Public Schools enrolls over 17,000 English Learner students, representing 31% of the District’s total student population. An additional 13% of students (more than 7,000) are former English Learners who have attained English proficiency while enrolled in BPS.

    What We Do

    Our goal is that all MLs will graduate as lifelong learners with 21st century skills in order to succeed in college and careers. This is evidenced by the Office of Multilingual and Multicultural Education (OMME) vision statement: OMME envisions that all multilingual learners feel a sense of belonging and joy for learning in a multicultural learning environment; have the opportunity to be academically proficient in at least two or more languages; and to graduate with the Seal of Biliteracy.


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