Request A Transcript

  • Current and former students may obtain their student transcript records through our online application (at no charge) by clicking here.

    For all background check/graduation verification companies there is a $25 fee. 

    Students may also send transcript requests to the schools. However, it is preferred that students use the online application if possible. Please fill out a school Transcript Request Form and send it directly to the school. If your high school has merged into another school, the new school often has copies of transcripts and you can send your request there. The same is true for a school that has been renamed.

    If you are requesting transcripts from a school that has closed and do not have access to a computer, you may mail your request to:

    Records Manager
    Boston Public Schools - 3rd Floor 
    2300 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02119

    Please consult the list of Online Tools/Request a transcript/Merged, Closed, or Renamed Boston public high schools for more information. 

    Verifying a GED - General Educational Development
    To obtain verification of GED completion, visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education website.