• The Sciences at JQUS 

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    Consistent with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, instruction in science will focus on the relevance of science in the lives of the students. Students will have opportunities to explore the connections between science and their everyday life.
    In addition, students will learn to use the appropriate scientific vocabulary and language when communicating scientific ideas orally and in writing. The topics covered from grades 6 to 12 will include Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics among many other science topics. Students will also be challenged through classroom presentations, lab activities, project based learning as well as teacher developed interdisciplinary units with other subjects.  

    MYP Courses offered (Grades 6-10)

    Grade 6 - IB MYP - Science Year 1
    Grade 7 - IB MYP Science Year 2
    Grade 8 - IB MYP Physics Year 3
    Grade 9 - IB MYP Biology Year 4
    Grade 10 - IB MYP Chemistry Year 5

    DP Courses offered (Grades 11-12) 

    Students have the option of taking IB DP Biology at the Standard Level or Higher Level and Sports Exercise Health Science at the Standard Level as an elective. All courses are 2 year courses taken in 11th and 12th grade. Below is the IB Biology course website.  
     Student animations of enzymes