Team BPS
Team BPS is a unique network of more than 300 BPS parents, alumni, educators, community partners, and others who have volunteered to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Boston Public Schools. We celebrate and enhance engagement in our schools, raise the positive profile of BPS, and foster a sense of pride amongst the educators and families who work and learn in the district.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Team BPS network?
  • The opportunity to give feedback to BPS leadership;
  • Resource- and information-exchanging with active BPS supporters;
  • Participation in learning opportunities that interest you; and
  • Access to the latest district news.
Ambassadors are strengthening the district, our schools, and the success of our students by:
  • Sharing best practices, resources, and recommendations;
  • Sharing experiences in schools with prospective BPS parents;
  • Supporting BPS district-wide and school events; and
  • Contributing to the public profile of BPS through media.
In the past year, ambassadors have partnered with the district in a number of ways:
  • Generating proposals for BPS leadership on the budget process;
  • Gathering for a panel discussion and networking session on school fundraising;
  • Providing feedback about the wait-list policy;
  • Supporting Middle O!, the First Day of School Volunteer project, and Parent University;
  • Hosting registration information sessions in their neighborhoods; and
  • Blogging with friends and neighbors about BPS schools.

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