Community Engagement

Community Engagement  

The Office of Engagement works to ensure effective school-community partnerships, allocation of resources and tools that encourages authentic engagement of schools, families and the community in BPS decision making and policy.


Programs & Initiatives


Community Asset Map

The  Community Asset Map is an interactive web-based tool available to schools, families, and community partners to search more than 1,000 educational, health, employment, social services, recreational, and other community/faith-based and municipal resources by neighborhood.Contact: Lauren Milord

Choice Neighborhood Grant

OOE plays a crucial role in managing the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant received for the Quincy Corridor Transformation Plan through five schools located in the Dorchester neighborhood: the Burke High School, Frederick Middle School Pilot, Haynes Early Education Center, King K-8, and Winthrop Elementary. Contact: Mary Ann Crayton

Needs Assessment & School Partnership

OOE works with school leaders to conduct school needs assessments and matches schools with faith based or community partners that can best meet the needs of the school. Partnerships are formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and are provided tools and training to increase the effectiveness of their collaboration. Contact: Lauren Milord

Public Engagement

Encourages and fosters authentic engagement of families and community members. Creates opportunities for BPS to share information and receive feedback, ensures that community voice informs and is reflected in BPS decision making and policy. Provides opportunities for dialogue via organized meetings, forums, focus groups and surveys. Contact: Mary Ann Crayton

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Community Engagement

Mary Ann Crayton, Senior Director
Lauren Milord, Community Engagement Specialist