Teacher Leadership in Boston Public Schools 

Leadership by teachers is essential to serving the needs of students, schools and the teaching profession. What we’ve consistently heard from teachers and administrators is that the most valuable professional learning opportunities have been the kind that are embedded in schools and shaped by practitioners. These learning opportunities necessitate strong teacher leaders who can build capacity of schools to meet school-wide goals and serve their students.

Teacher Leader Beliefs and Competencies

While there are a number of beliefs and competencies that go into being a great leader, the Office of Human Capital believes that these four qualities are essential to the work of teacher leaders. 


Four Core Teacher Leader Beliefs and Competencies (TLBC)

  1. Collaboration: Teacher Leaders must believe that fostering a collaborative culture to support student learning, teacher development, and school culture is essential to making comprehensive improvements at a school.

  2. Lifelong Learning: Teacher Leaders must believe that promoting lifelong learning and professional growth in both students and adults is both possible and essential to making positive, long-term impacts at a school. 

  3. Self-Awareness: Teacher Leaders must be self-aware of both their strengths and areas for growth in order to effectively lead other colleagues

  4. Communication: Teacher Leaders must effectively communicate to stakeholders and promote a culture of mutual accountability and follow through


Educator Effectiveness Teacher Cabinet 


The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is launching a pilot Educator Effectiveness Teacher Cabinet comprised of teachers from across Massachusetts who can provide thoughtful feedback and suggestions to the Educator Policy, Preparation, and Leadership team at ESE.

For this pilot cohort, DOE is aiming to convene the teachers three times during the remainder of this school year.  Interested teachers should fill out an application and submit it by midnight on Sunday, February 2, 2014.
Find out more about the program here or email Kathryn Johnston.  
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Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program

Are you a U.S.....

  • Primary and/or secondary classroom teacher?
  • Guidance counselor?
  • Curriculum specialist?
  • Curriculum head?
  • Talented and Gifted coordinator?
  • Special Education coordinator?
  • Media specialist/librarian?

You may be eligible to participate in a unique international professional development opportunity for 3-4 months through the Fulbright Program!  By conducting educational research abroad, U.S. teachers gain new skills, learn new instructional methods and assessment methodologies and share best practices with international colleagues and students. Teachers also have the opportunity to expand their understanding of other cultures and international education systems that will enrich their U.S. schools and local communities with global perspectives.  Teachers may travel to Chile, Finland, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.
Find out more about the Fulbright Program here. Apply here.