Supporting Professional Learning and Growth in BPS

The Boston Public Schools is committed to ensuring that there is an effective teacher in every classroom and an effective leader in every school. We believe that leadership begins in the classroom; principals and headmasters take the baseline of instructional leadership skills developed in the classroom and in preparation programs to their new positions and continue to develop in their school leadership roles. To that end, we have a number of initiatives that support the growth of both teacher leaders and the growth of potential and current school leaders.

These programs support educators and school leaders through a focused offering of leadership trainings and opportunities. These offerings include those for:

  • teacher leaders working in teams as they build leadership skills in their schools;
  • educators who plan to become school leaders, either through participating in a fellowship program (if they need to earn licensure as a school administrator) or the Aspiring Principals Program (if they currently hold licensure);
  • new principals / headmasters in their first year, through mentoring support from current principals and coaching support targeted to meet their specific needs and goals;
  • current principals and headmasters who want to develop their focus on instructional leadership in their schools, becoming more efficient with their time and spending more of their day on activities related to teaching and learning; and
  • teams of evaluators in schools, working together to increase their ability to effectively observe teaching practice and provide feedback – both written and in person – to teachers in their schools.