Professional Development Tools


Below, are a number of general tools that teachers and school leaders may find useful.  For tools and resources that are related to the steps in the evaluation system (self-assessments, goals, example artifacts, etc), click here.  For tools and resources that are aligned with specific elements in the rubric (e.g. Well-Structured Lessons, Student Engagement, etc.), click here.    

Adult Learning Tools

  • "What Leaders Really Do" - This article discusses the differences between being a good leader and being a good manager, and makes the case that though these two traits are different, they should be inseparable.  

  • About the Consultancy Protocol - The Consultancy Protocol is a popular tool to frame a dilemma for colleagues to give feedback on.  

Effective Teaming Tools

  • "Transformed by Literacy" by Susan Szachowicz- This article details the story of how a high school in Brockton, MA was able to turn their literacy scores around through principles of effective teaming strategy and a clear school-embedded professional development strategy.  

  • Some Protocols and their Purposes - This sheet provides a quick breakdown of a number of protocols that teacher teams can use together to improve their practice.  

  • The Good Collaboration Toolkit - This toolkit provides a number of resources to help teams assess their level of collaboration and address areas of growth for effective teaming.  This work comes from the Good Project, headed by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Tools for Looking at Student Work

Data Use and Inquiry Tools

Professional Learning Communities

Peer Observation Tools

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