Aspirational Goals & Priorities 

                  Aspirational Goals 
   1. Improved Student Outcomes: 
      BPS will graduate all students 
      as life-long learners and engaged global citizens,

      well prepared for post-secondary pathways


      2. Improved School Quality: 

         BPS will be a district of all

         high-performing schools,

         eliminating both the opportunity gap 

         and the achievement gap


   3. Strong School and District Leadership/ 

     High Quality, Action-Oriented Teachers & Staff:

      BPS will recruit, hire, develop, support,

      and retain highly effective, culturally proficient 

      school and district leaders, teachers, and staff 

                                who are held accountable for improving student




   4. Effective Resource Allocation: 

         BPS will make effective and equitable use

         of all available resources.

   5. Greater Community Engagement:
      BPS will strengthen student, family,
      and community investment to enable
      student success.




1. BPS will provide rigorous, effective, and engaging curriculum, instruction, and enrichment. Special focus will be given to the following areas:
a) Literacy, particularly in early and transition years, to build a strong foundation for academic success across all subject areas and across all grades.
b) College readiness and/or career preparedness.

 2. BPS will continue to foster an environment of high expectations combined with targeted interventions and support in order to meet the learning needs of all students.
 3. BPS will provide equitable access to quality facilities and highly effective programs.
 4. BPS will implement strategies to ensure every school will have highly effective school leaders, teachers, and staff. The workforce will reflect the rich diversity of the students BPS serves.
 5. BPS will continue to increase school autonomy and support to schools while also strengthening clear systems of accountability for both central office and schools.
6. BPS will empower, support and hold accountable school leaders, teachers and staff to effectively engage with families, partners, and the community to foster shared responsibility for student achievement.


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